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All of the marketing campaigns of the past year have one thing in common: They advertised more than just their brand.

The campaigns that we love and that have the greatest impact make us think about the industry, the world at large, and our place in it. Global and national businesses can easily do this, but it is also important that small businesses think outside the box.

Creativity in your marketing campaigns can help your company attract new customers.

Here are four of our favorite creative marketing ideas to use in your campaigns this year and next.

1. Look for advertising opportunities that are specific to your brand

Contests and freebies are great ways to get attention online. Everyone loves to win and through constant runs and inexpensive gifts we’ve managed to quadruple for one of our customers over the past two years.

You will get a commitment, but it takes more than that to convert that commitment into sales.

Focus less on what you offer and more on how you get people to participate. For example, offer an entry for new customers who like your Facebook page or for existing customers to refer a friend.

If you can create engagement that extends beyond the end of the contest, the giveaway is well worth it.

Pro Tip: Contests usually fail for one of two reasons: 1. They are asking your followers to be very qualified, or 2. The prize they are winning doesn’t match your target person. You don’t have to drop a car to get interested and excited about your gift, but the award and effort to qualify should be consistent and in line with your target individuals.

2. Let graphic design inspire your creative marketing

On a well-designed website, the end-to-end user experience is smooth and simple.

But what if you actually experimented with your website with that user before they clicked on your homepage?

For online and mobile marketing to actually inspire users to click your website, you need to prioritize the graphic design of your ads.

If you want to be creative with your digital marketing projects, you don’t have to be afraid to use stunning images that will grab the user’s attention.

Your audience should be able to see what your business is about from just one look at a digital advertisement. Only creative graphics can tell a story this way.

3. Draw the curtain using social media

In the past few years, “authenticity” has grown as a marketing buzzword and companies have been paying attention to it. Everyone tries to find new ways to show their customers who they really are.

Social media is the best platform for credibility as it removes the marketing medium. By posting photos and sharing stories, customers feel like they know what is going on behind the scenes.

You also have the option to respond to customer comments in real-time.

This way, you can get in touch with your customers without making them feel like they are being marketed.

4. Create content to be read

Nobody connects to the internet to feel like they are reading a textbook or a series of keywords taped together. If you are still putting keywords into your content, please stop now for all of us.

Today’s internet audience responds to engaging, creative, and valuable content.

This is especially true for your company blog.

A blog is the first place customers look when they have questions about what you are doing or how you can help them. The posts they find should have a real voice that respects the reader.

5. Snapchat filters

While Snapchat has kind of gotten a chin since its failed redesign some time ago, the truth is that people are still using the platform and Snapchat geofilters are largely undervalued.

If you are hosting an event, attending a conference, or just want to perform in a specific geographic area, you will likely get good visibility by creating a branded and fun GeoFilter.

6. Reuse the content

One of the great ways for any business is to rate all of the content and find new and fun ways to use it. Did you write a blog post that is getting a lot of attention? Convert to Video! Share it and share it in parts through social media! Update it for next year (as we do in this post)!

You probably have a goldmine of content asking you to convert it to new formats! You don’t have to spend a lot of time recreating the wheel. Just take some time to find new ways to put your existing content in the hands of the intended people!

Pro tip: Google LOVES loves new content and regular updates on well-functioning posts. They are displayed very positively!

7. 1: 1 video

We are very excited about our 1-to-1 video development. There are lots of cool things coming out of companies like HubSpot and Vidyard when it comes to using video to get you to target accounts and prospects using custom videos. We started using them for account-based marketing on HIVE and it’s going like wildfire! We get replies almost instantly and our customers love it!

Updated creative marketing ideas:

Updated for 2020.

8. Talking robot

The way we use websites as consumers has changed dramatically. We no longer want to search for a website to find what we want. It takes time and becomes frustrating. That’s why we’re turning to chat and chatbots. More and more consumers are chatting instantly when they visit a website to find the answers they’re looking for.

While the live chat is only realistic during business hours, the chatbot is available around the clock. It can be very effective by developing a powerful chatbot that collects any information or input you need while providing information, training, or guidance to help the user find what they are looking for.

Pro tip: Don’t ask the user to provide their contact information on your chatbot unless absolutely necessary. You can request an email address to reply to later. However, when you ask for your personal information, a barrier is created. Your chat program should be an assistant, not a security guard.

Pro tip 2: With HubSpot, you can create your first chatbot for free! Try this out and use AI to control the way visitors use your website.

9. Personalization

Consumers don’t care about you. Again to the people in the background: 🗣️ Consumers are not interested in you!

They take care of themselves and the problems they are trying to solve. They don’t care what you do to others, they care what you can do for them, their company, or their industry. That’s why personalization is more important than ever.

Most businesses start out by implementing email marketing customizations. But what if you could go further? Customize the entire experience to suit your leads and customers. By taking full advantage of customization, you can create the experience that every potential customer wants to see.

This can (and should) go beyond just adding a first name.

Create intelligent content with your website

Give your website visitors a personalized experience by providing content specific to their industry, goals, or interests based on their previous interactions with your company, or by making assumptions about their role, your company, or their industry. Even a simple nod to their industry or problems can go a long way.


By determining which pages of your website someone is visiting, you should get an idea of ​​what that person is interested in. You can use this data to serve image ads so that they return to your website based on their real interests. Adjusting your advertising campaign can increase interest in visiting again.


While I said this is probably the most popular place to use personalization, that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten in the future. Continue to personalize your emails with things like company name, first name, and industry. But you can also go further! Pay attention

10. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is definitely not new, but a lot of companies don’t see the potential here. There are two aspects of guest blogging that can be beneficial for your business: accepting guest posts and sending guest posts.

Accept guest posts

First, we all know that content is marketing just as much as we do online today. People look for answers, information, tips, tricks, and ways to solve their problems. They turn to Google and their own research to find out what they’re looking for. This creates a great opportunity to be the source of that information. There is also a need to pump a lot of content. When you open your blog for guest posts, you are basically getting free help (you can even pay for it) developing that content. Remember, you can also review content before publishing it.

Pro tip: Make sure all of the content remains educational. Many people who want to guest blog posts write sales announcements. This should not be used for this purpose. Do not allow more than one backlink to that person’s website and assume the content remains educational/useful and is not sellable.

Pro tip 2: Request that all content be original and not published online anywhere else. The last thing you want is to get preoccupied with duplicate content because you have posted content to other people that are already on their website.

Send guest posts

While creating content that only comes from your website can be a full-time pursuit, creating content on other websites can be of great benefit to your business and website. Visit reputable websites in your industry, or even near your industry, and ask if you can post a blog. Share potential titles with them and make sure they are educational in nature. Many websites will appreciate this post as it is a bit stressful to create content from their panels.

Pro tip: Be sure to research the site first. Run it with our domain authority checker and even website traffic estimator to make sure you are looking for a website that serves you well. We recommend searching for websites with a DA of at least 20 (the more the better) and a strong monthly search volume. The more domain authority and website traffic you have, the more valuable this contribution will be to your business.

Pro Tip 2: Make sure to include a backlink of your website with good anchor text. The word or phrase referring to your website should be consistent with your overall SEO strategy to have the most impact on that link.

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